SAP BPC is a budget and consolidation tool under Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions in SAP’s analytical product family . It stands for Business Planning and Consolidation . It has different features for Process Planning, Forecasting, Forecasting scenarios, Consolidation, and Reporting.
BPC architecturally has a structure on BW, which we call backend, and frontendde has a web interface and excel interface. End users typically enter and report data because of excel tweening. Key users can search the web for master data, qualification management, audit reports, user permissions, simple business rules, and more through the face.
BPC consists of 3 main versions.
1. BPC Standard; It is the EPM version that has been used since 7.5 to 11.x.
1. Consolidation Exists
2. BPC Embedded, together with BW4Hana, is created from combining bi-ip’s integrated planning features with the BPC standard (excluding the EPM part).
1. No Consolidation
3. BPC Optimised for S4HANA; this version was created by installing integrated BW and BPC on the S4. Embedded is very similar to BPC, but because it is on S4, real-time data reporting can be done.