Kalyon Group preferred D-CAT Technologies for its "SAP Analytics Cloud" project

Kalyon Group, which has been providing successful services in the Construction, Real Estate, and Energy Sectors since 1944, preferred D-CAT Technologies for its "SAP Analytics Cloud" project.

The project aims to create an analytical system that will enable our customers to follow their general and project-based business processes in the most efficient way, with a professional, long-lasting, and international standard design.

For this, the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) platform, which is well known for its flexibility, ease of use, compliance with international data visualization criteria, and which was determined to be the most suitable product for customer needs, was used. SAC, which will function as a decision support mechanism, is designed to meet the customer's specific needs.

As the company that made the first SAC project in Turkey, we stand by our business partners.