QLIK Data Integration

What is Qlik Sense? 

Qlik sense is an application released by QlikTech, which is specifically used for visualizing and analyzing the data. It helps in building interactive dashboards and reports, and also to extract the data from various data sources. It mostly serves as an analytics platform for technical as well as non-technical developers and works better for data visualization as it has augmented graphics that help in effective visualization of data.

Qlik Sense Architecture 

Qlik Sense Architecture provides a scalable, secure, and manageable work environment for customers by offering high-quality services. It offers users with high visual analytics and management tools.

Before getting into the architecture of qlik sense, let’s get to know the other major components which are associated with it. They are:

  • Qlik Sense Hub
  • Qlik sense management console

Qlik sense Hub: 

Qlik Sense Hub acts as a platform to the user where they can perform various operations on data, conduct analysis, and build applications that are suitable for data visualization. It comes with the unique features like drag and drops functionality, associative data models, a wide range of visualizations, and more, which makes the user build the flexible visualizations that suit for different screen sizes of various devices such as desktops, tabs, mobiles, etc. Qlik sense hub was developed using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3,  etc.

Qlik Sense Management Console:

Qlik Sense Management Console plays a very crucial role in qlik sense. Without having a management console, the administrator cannot monitor and control the operations that are taking place on qlik sense. So, it plays a central place where the administrator can operate the things. The major services managed by the management console are listed below:

  • Data connectivity
  • Task management
  • Data monitoring
  • Application management
  • Security administration
  • Auditing

Qlik Sense Features

Below mentioned is the list of features which made Qlik Sense popular.

  1. Drag-and-drop visualizations
  2. Fast and reliable connections to multiple data sources
  3. Data storytelling functionality
  4. Shared Object Library
  5. Rapid Development Environment
  6. Multi-source data integration including big data
  7. Enterprise-level security
  8. Smart Search feature
  9. Access to real-time analytics anytime, anywhere
  10. Self-service simplicity
  11. Progressive Creation
  12. Managed Data Connections
  13. Powerful Open and Standard APIs
  14. Manageability
  15. Scalability

Qlik Sense Editions
The following are the three different types of qlik sense editions:
• Qlik Sense desktop
• Qlik sense cloud
• Qlik Sense enterprise

Qlik Sense Desktop
Qlik Sense Desktop is a free product from Qlik Sense, which allows you to build engaging reports and dashboards with compelling charts and graphs. This data visualization software makes your path easier in analyzing data and helps you in making more informed decisions.

Features of Qlik Sense Desktop:
• Drag and drop functionality to complete  the work at a faster rate
• Qlik Sense smart search feature allows you to uncover data relationships
• Using a single  app, you can explore multiple data sources
• One can collaborate and share Rich data insights.

Qlik Sense Cloud
It is a cloud edition, and the user can create and share applications using the cloud. Cloud edition enables you to prepare and share the analytics reports with others.  It allows you to store massive amounts of data.
We have the availability of two different cloud versions, which are:
• Cloud basic version
• Cloud business version
The basic cloud version comes on a free basis and can be shared among the five users. Whereas the Qlik Sense cloud business version comes with extra features compared to basic and possesses high capabilities to collaborate groups to analyze data. It comes on a monthly charge of 15$ and can be shared among multiple users.

Qlik Sense Enterprise
Qlik Sense Enterprise is the premium version specially designed for enterprise usage. It comes with complete data analysis features such as visualization, reporting, exploration, multi-platform cloud deployment, data integration, collaboration, enterprise governance, and scalability. This enterprise edition avail on a token basis, each token value is $1,500.