About COVID-19

The health and safety of the D-CAT family and ecosystem is always at the top of our priorities before, during, and after this pandemic disease, which we do not know when it will end. Although we have taken all the measures required by this situation, we have also taken the necessary measures for the continuity of all services of our institution. As we have teams working remotely from home, our administrative teams working in our office also take the necessary precautions.

As of today, we will be keeping our office open between 10 and 16 hours only through our 1 administrative staff on rotation. As of last week, we have transitioned our analytics, software, sales, and finance teams to a remote working model as much as we can, as much as our customers allow. Our work continues at full speed for all teams of our company that work remotely and from home.

We wish that this situation that our country and the world is going through will end as soon as possible, but as long as this situation continues, we want to announce to the entire D-CAT ecosystem that we will continue to do our best not to affect the development of humanity and our business.

We ask you to live by keeping your social distance for a while, including the 14 rules recommended by the Ministry of Health. 

We say that life fits in the house with work..