A101 Prefers D-CAT Technologies for SAP Analytic Cloud Project and Consulting Service

A101, which stepped into the retail market chain by opening 101 stores in the Turkish market in 2008, has become the most widespread chain of the retail sector and is among the largest companies in Turkey by serving in 81 provinces and districts of Turkey. Offering its affordable products, which are preferred by the most customers and passed the quality and supply standards, in chain markets, A101 preferred D-CAT Technologies in the "SAP Analytics Cloud" project.

Within the scope of SAP Analytic Cloud, we aim to create an analytical system that will enable it to monitor customer preference and satisfaction with a design by international standards, supply-based business processes with maximum efficiency. 

We support our business partners in the decision of meeting customer needs most efficiently, with the consultancy of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) with data visualization, planning, and accurate analysis in new generation analytical solutions.